What do we mark?

Print & Apply solutions are used in many areas of activity. They are everywhere where printing and application of labels (in various ways) takes place automatically, without the need for human labor.

Ready, printed self-adhesive elements can find various types of materials. What can you mark in this way?


In this case, so-called logistic label is applied to the product. It is nothing more than a piece of paper with a print. It contains barcodes and text data. Due to the fact that it looks similar all over the world, in various corners of the world such information from the palletwill be quickly read (this label is in accordance with the international GS1 standard).

Label applied to a pallet , can contain various types of information. Usually, this is primarily data on its content, how much of the product is transported in this way, and also its expiration date. In addition, you will notice, among others details of the sender and recipient of such shipment, the designation of production batch or the producer’s logo.

This solution allows not only for automated pallet marking. Subsequent reading of the information contained on the labels can also take place using machines. This facilitates, among others uniform content and form of data placed on self-adhesive elements, as well as the fact that, as a rule, the place where they appear is not accidental, but precisely determined in advance.


Labels that are applied to cartons are usually intended straight for shipping. Their proper marking helps in quick delivery of goods to the recipient. And that’s not all! These self-adhesive labels clearly indicate the type of goods transported. In this way, the person who physically deals with its delivery to the recipient, already after looking at the package knows perfectly well that he is dealing, for example, with a glass product. This is a clear tip about how to handle such goods, and how to best transport them.

Quick reading of data from the label also enables automated operation of the label applicator. It is this device that places labels on two sides of the pallet with the finished product. Thanks to this, you immediately know where to look for the label and the information on it.

Bulk packaging

Labeling also helps in usual marking of goods. In an accessible and uniform way, it is possible to mark not only what is in the collective packaging, but also, for example, the period in which the items will be useful. This marked package can be sent to the warehouse, where it will wait for further operations related to, for example, shipping.

In this case, the labels can also be useful in the application of additional markings. This can be, for example, information about where the top and bottom of the package are. This is especially important when we are dealing with non-standard packages (with markings on curved surfaces).