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We’ve known for a long time that new technologies can be a recipe for business success. The use of innovative solutions allows you to effectively improve the sales or marketing results of an enterprise, as well as facilitate its conduct. The automation of work is key. Print & Apply solutions are a great example of this.

This is proof that modern technology goes hand in hand with business development. And that’s ! Both of these elements increase their potential due to the skillful combination of simplicity and intuitiveness with the speed and precision of operation. The effect of such a digital revolution is to increase profits, as well as a clear change in what work looks like and what it is.

What is Print & Apply?

Print & Apply is a solution that combines two functions – print automation and labeling of various items. Importantly, everything takes place without human labor.

Automatic label applicators are of great importance here. These devices increase the speed and precision of this process. And we are talking about both the production of labels and their subsequent placement on many elements.

In a simplified way: a special high-speed printing engine first prints the necessary labels, and then the same self-adhesive elements (e.g. using an automatic applicator) reach the target material – for example, pallets, cartons, bulk packaging or heat-shrinkable packaging .

Print & Apply solutions are used in various business sectors. First, in manufacturing – e.g. at the end of production lines, where the full-pallet product after leaving the station (e.g. wrappers) is prepared for release to the warehouse and a logistic label is applied to it. Secondly, in logistics – here printed labels go to the goods, intended for shipping. Thirdly, in e-commerce, where parcels for shipping are labeled (this significantly shortens the process of the “path” that the parcel travels from sender to recipient).

Another example of the operation of Print & Apply systems are difficult conditions – conditions in which manual labeling could even be impossible. These are both places where the temperature is high, and those where there is a lot of dust.

Print & Apply - what are the benefits?

Automation of the printout as well as automation of labeling process is an opportunity to improve the activities related to the creation and application of this type of markings. Print & Apply is a universal solution and can be used in many branches of business – also where conditions are not favorable for human work (typically industrial) or where we just want to replace human work – machine work.

Print & Apply devices are highly efficient, reliable and easy to use. Variable content on the labels is not a problem either. For example, they can be graphics, shipment addresses, dates or barcodes.

Automatic label applicators allow for quick application. Labels hit boxes quickly – much faster than when applied manually. Automatic labeling is also a way to make the process more precise. There are no random places where labels appear (they can be placed precisely: for example, on the sides, top, front of the package). It is also less likely to damage them during the application itself (possible human error is eliminated here).

In the long run, Print & Apply solutions also save money put into the very operation of a business. At a given time, the pace of printing and labeling may increase (and this generates increasing profits). On the other hand, these solutions do not require investing in new functions (type of conveyor system), as well as employing a large team of employees who deal with this specific task.

Therefore, Print & Apply solutions are a chance to significantly simplify business operations. It allows you to increase the efficiency of this type of activity – and exactly when you need it. Print & Apply reacts to the current needs of the company.


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